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Order Fresh Leis

 If you need a lei, no worries, we have plenty! We receive them almost daily at this time of year. We try to bring in as large a variety of leis as we can but sometimes acts of nature and other factors limit certain varieties. All of our leis are tied (except for Maile), so if you prefer your lei to be untied, please let us know.  Online orders require 5 business days, so if ordering for THIS WEEK please just give us a CALL (206) 633-5233 or toll-free at (866) 633-5233 to place your order. Mahalo : )


Discounts available for orders of ten leis or more.

Shipping is FREE when you pick up your lei at our store!

There are two pages of leis below. Click on the faint "2" above the first item on this page to see the second page.


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